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As a crowning achievement of nature, the human body is a gift entrusted upon each of us by the creator to appreciate and to take care of throughout our entire lives. To enjoy this great gift of life, every individual is required to possess an adequate understanding of the most critical needs of their bodies.  We are required to have enough information so as to be able to make informed decisions regarding maintaining a perfect health standard of life. Why is this crucial and very important an issue today than it has ever been before?

Throughout history, the global civilization has accomplished a lot of things pertaining to the improvement of the quality of life of humans. But among the variety of achievements, the most important one is the fact that in the western world today no one is starving to death, an issue that wasn’t that possible many centuries ago is hardly possible even in the poverty stricken areas of the world such as Asia & Africa. Many centuries ago human beings had little or no choice rather than to eat what they could hunt & find, or grow. With its many drawbacks, it did cause the evolution of the humans’ remarkably flexible digestive system, which is not only capable of processing a wide variety of foods but is actually the best suited to do so.

After several thousand years the circumference of human nutrition has been dramatically changing. Depending on the nature of different parts of the world, today, in the western world people have the choice as to what to eat and when to eat, for they can no longer eat whatever they can get. Even in the poverty stricken countries, the trend is hardly moving towards the western way of life. Many people in such countries can afford the luxury of choosing what they want to eat and when.

On the contrary, people may eat what they want but they quite often seem to choose an ever narrowing range of foods that are mostly sweet, high in fat content, or low in dietary fibers and so forth.  Our digestive systems which evolved to deal with scarcity and variety are now called upon to handle abundant and nutritionally uniform foods.  In other words, although we have enough to eat today, we are not really taking advantage of the foods that are available to us. We are eating too much of the wrong staffs and we are often doing that out of such a rush that more stress than nutrition is delivered to our bodies and cells. While the global society has done so much to solve the need of making food available, we haven’t yet leant how to make the right choices that are best for us. We haven’t yet recognized our true needs In terms of learning about the foods we eat and understanding how our bodies process them. We are what we eat, and because of these poor nutritional habits many more people are cropping up with diseases such as ulcers, high blood pressure, stomach pains, diarrhea, headaches, heart attacks, cancer, obesity, asthma, constipation, and many others in their bodies. Leaving alone psychological and physiological illnesses resulting from stress and worries, many people are not enjoying their lives. We feel their pain and have come up a unique daily blog that is to address effective health practices for ensuring good health and happier lives among the Global masses.

Why the Health Week?

The Health Week is a weekly blog that publishes Articles, and professional tips and advice providing information that help people to make informed decisions on how to maintain good health.  Such info includes but not limited to; preventing illnesses and diseases & body pain, through proper nutrition diets, physical exercises and personal hygiene practices, among many others for people to enjoy their lives.

 Keep up close to these practices and allow a personal revelation to change your life to a better one with our weekly health blog right here! Follow our daily Articles & Tips for a Health Life full of Happiness and enjoyment. Keep Right Here!!

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Kidaali Paul,

Blog Founder,

 The Health Week November 2012